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4 Promotional Films

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The Monon Railroad in sound and pictures (color!) from the late 40s to early 50s, straight from the original company films! The Society has been out of stock for some time on our video tape featuring these four Monon Railroad PR films. Rather than create another video tape, we decided to create a DVD of this product. The DVD features these four company films: Up and Down the Monon, Crossroads of America, The Hoosier Line and Golden Spike Ceremony ! The DVD format allows a menu up front where you can choose which film to go to and view.


In making this DVD, the Society began with the original company film. These original films were dubbed and then digitized to enhanced the quality for this DVD. No sloppy tape to tape copy here! Monon Society member Tim Swan gave his review,"High quality reproductions, too, considering they're of old 16mm film. MUCH better quality than the earlier versions on videotape."