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Our vast collection in CD form

The Monon Railroad Historical-Technicl Society, Inc. is digitalizing our vast collect of drawings, maps and paper archives. This will be an on going process. At the March 15, 2014 Board Of Directors meeting, it was decided to sell CD's of the drawers already scanned. These CD's will be for sale at reduced rates to Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Inc. members. You will note each CD has a member and non-member price. When ordering members will need to include their membership number. The Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. encourages and invites non-members to join our society.

Each available CD has 200, or more, files that can be searched. More CD's will be added as they are finished. The files are in PDF format so Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader is required.

B-41 Frankfort

Drawer B-41 Frankfort, Indiana


B-41 Non-Member Frankfort

Archives DC-Frankfort, Indiana


B-42 Frankfort to State Fairgrounds

Sheridan to State Fairgrounds


B-42 Non-Member Frankfort to State Fairgrounds

Frankfort to State Fairgrounds


B-25 Quincy To Hunters

Quincy to Hunters


B-25 Non-Members Quincy To Hunters

Non Members Quincy to Hunters


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